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Stormtroopers invaded Seoul!

February 27, 2010

Seoul Dance Troopers performs KPOPS group – Kara, Girls’ Generation, Super Junior, Wonder Girls, Brown Eyed Girls with Stormtrooper costume! LMAO! Enjoy it & TGIF!


The Ambassador “Biggest Dick!?” rejected from Saudi Arabia

February 4, 2010

According to FP, A distinguished Pakistani diplomat, Akbar Zeb, could not receive accreditation as Pakistan’s ambassador to Saudi Arabia. Not because of his credentials but because of his name which translates to “Biggest dick” in Arabic: Direct from FP, 

“In Saudi Arabia, size does count.

A high level Pakistani diplomat has been rejected as Ambassador of Saudi Arabia because his name, Akbar Zib, equates to “Biggest Dick” in Arabic. Saudi officials, apparently overwhelmed by the idea of the name, put their foot down and gave the idea of his being posted there, the kibosh.”

Oh, man! Who can he blame? It’s all because of we “Mankind” decided to build the Tower of Babel.

Gaijin Attack!!!!

October 9, 2008

A bald, naked Gaijin, A British or Spanish tourist, went swimming in the moat of Kōkyo(皇居: Japan’s Imperial Palace) yesterday! Yes!, a naked man evades Japanese policemen and shocked millions of peaceful citizens in the heart of Tokyo, I mean the heart of the Land of the Rising Sun

Article describes that he climbing the palace wall, throwing rocks, splashing water, chasing police with a rock and a plastic construction-site pole before being taken into custody. 


He did rock climbing, actually climbing up the eight-meter stone wall of the Imperial palace of Emperor Akihito.

The man was later released.  As Marmot noted it, it’s just a genuine stupid Foreigner Tricks yet it’s so funny to watch all those facial expressions on bystanders from the chasing-police shot. 

This incident just cracked everyone up in the office this morning!

And global netizens, indeed. 

Oh, I especially liked photoshoped one with the Star Wars theme.

Canada ranked at 11th peaceful country

May 22, 2008

According to THE ASSOCIATED PRESS, Canada has slipped out of a rating of the world’s top 10 most peaceful countries.  Canada ranked 8th last year’s index but ranked at 11th place this year mainly because of Canada’s involvement in Afghanistan.

The Global Peace Index, which ranks a number of internal and external factors, found Scandinavian countries among the most peaceful, taking the top three spots.   The index, now in its second year, ranks countries according to their relative states of peace, based on factors such as military expenditure and respect for human rights, the homicide rate and other things.

This year, Iceland was selected the most peaceful place, beating last year’s winner Norway, which came in third. Denmark was No. 2.   The released index ranked Japan at 5th one up from last year and Korea at 32nd two spot higher than last year and China at 67th.   The world police, the United States, ranked at 97th one place lower than last year, a ranking that had it behind countries such as Kuwait, Nicaragua and Libya and way below countries such as Costa Rica, Madagascar and Chile.   The articel says well about the US rank that

“The U.S. has done some NASTY things geopolitically, and it ranks poorly because of its high military spending, but that’s a little unfair as they are the ones that keep the world’s waterways free, and play a role in protecting global assets.”

Israel, Afghanistan, Sudan, Somalia and Iraq were at the bottom of the list. 

Here’s some countries on Global Peace Index Rankings.
Rank         Country
  1              Iceland
  2              Denmark
  3              Norway
  5              Japan
11              CANADA
32              Korea, Republic of
36              France
67              China
 97             U.S.A.
133            North Korea
139            Somalia
140            IRAQ

To get from Vancouver to Seoul

December 7, 2007

Take the silver line to Pyongyang. While ago author of the strange maps gave us a hint “What do Canada and Texas have in common?”.  This time posted a promotional e-card called Transit Maps of the World published by Penguin. 

Based on the famous London Underground map, this map contains the major cities of the world that have underground transportation. It also has the same fun distortions that the Tube map has to make everything fit. 

The post also points out that

  • Africa is most poorly endowed with public underground transit systems: only Cairo and Alexandria (Egypt), Tunis (Tunisia), Algiers (Algeria) and Lagos (Nigeria) have or are planning them.
  • Actually, Oceania is even less metro-ised, but this is self-explanatory: there’s no need for subways in a continent where most countries are small island nations. Only Australia (Melbourne, Sydney) and New Zealand (Auckland) – significantly less small than the other Oceanic islands – have them.
  • Beck’s method of making geography subservient to clarity distorts distances, in London as well as on this fanciful map – rendered even more bizarre by some unlikely stops close to each other: how about Baghdad to Izmir via Jerusalem, or Athens to Esfahan via Tel Aviv? Or Taipei to Pyonyang via Seoul?
  • As in Beck’s design, there’s a concentration of lines and stops in the central area (which on the London tube map, I’ve only recently discovered, has the shape of a bottle). This gives the impression that outlying areas, such as the Americas, are much less metro-ised. Which might be a bit of an exaggeration, much like the placing of Bologna at the centre of this world map is an overstatement of that city’s charm (to everyone but the Bolognesi, I’m sure).
  • Okay, this is a fantasy transit map. But just imagine taking the metro in Vancouver, all the way to Shanghai! With stops in Montréal, Amsterdam, Prague, Kiev and Novosibirsk! Come to think of it: that’s a pretty long stretch to have to sit in a dark tunnel…
  • So, If I want visit my friends in Seoul, I need to change to Gold line in Rotterdam all the way to Esfahan then take the Silver line to Seoul. or all the way to Shanghai from Vancouver and take Red line to Pyongynag then to Seoul on Silver line.    Although it would be “… that’s a pretty long stretch to have to sit in a dark tunnel… It would be really fantastic if this transit system is real.  It’s cool and fun map, eh!

    Oh, it’s already Friday. Here’s this weeks TGIF song.  Power of old Gen. or 30 something…still active, Park Jin Yong, of course there’s many good songs but this is forever my favorite.  Honey by JYP.