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Gaijin Attack!!!!

October 9, 2008

A bald, naked Gaijin, A British or Spanish tourist, went swimming in the moat of Kōkyo(皇居: Japan’s Imperial Palace) yesterday! Yes!, a naked man evades Japanese policemen and shocked millions of peaceful citizens in the heart of Tokyo, I mean the heart of the Land of the Rising Sun

Article describes that he climbing the palace wall, throwing rocks, splashing water, chasing police with a rock and a plastic construction-site pole before being taken into custody. 


He did rock climbing, actually climbing up the eight-meter stone wall of the Imperial palace of Emperor Akihito.

The man was later released.  As Marmot noted it, it’s just a genuine stupid Foreigner Tricks yet it’s so funny to watch all those facial expressions on bystanders from the chasing-police shot. 

This incident just cracked everyone up in the office this morning!

And global netizens, indeed. 

Oh, I especially liked photoshoped one with the Star Wars theme.