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Disgusted with Rogers Wireless on iPhone 3G

July 9, 2008
It was one of exciting news that new iPhone 3G is officially launching here in Canada on July 11th. Yes, Friday , July 11, is the day the iPhone will be officially available to Canadian customers with Rogers Wireless
The iPhone we’ve been Waiting For!!! 
Are there going be a long lineup outside Rogers wireless shop or Apple store waiting to buy new iPhone 3G? 
NO way, NO lineup, No iPhone, and No Rogers.
Canadian customers are so upset with Rogers pricing structure with iPhone that Voice and data plans will start at $60 per month for 400Mb Data, 150 Min. call, with 75 text. 
With all extra fees (911, call display, call waiting, system access fee…etc) the price will easily reach $100/month. So with simple math caluculation on 3-year contract to get a iPhone at $199.  The cost of carrying a iPhone will nearly $3,000 ~ $4,000 or even more.
The pricing structure built base on the Rogers belief that

“We’ve designed a pricing structure that offers affordable, flexible voice and data packages so Canadians can truly unleash their iPhone 3G experience on Canada’s fastest wireless network,” Rogers chief marketing officer John Boynton said in a statement.

Whoever approved this marketing or pricing strategy at Rogers Wireless, he or she was skip the chapter one of Marketing 101.  You do everything for successful new product launching through Effective Price point & Marketing processes , it’s not a stage to make money from it!

Even Apple disgusted with Rogers Wireless dumping Apple’s state of art must have piece. As a result, Canadian Apple Retail stores won’t be selling the new 3G!

And  Customers are reacting by signing petitions and boycotting Rogers Wireless. 
People are gathering  for petition demanding a change in Rogers’s pricing structure. It’s just ridiculous!! 

I just signed petition demanding UNLIMITED data data plan for iPhone like everyone else! 

Until then, NO to Rogers Wireless