The Upside-down church moves to Calgary

The art piece well known as the upside-down church, originally unveiled at the prestigious Venice Biennale in 1997, “Device to Root Out Evil” by New York artist Dennis Oppenheim is start to dismantled today follow by the Vancouver Park Board commissioners decision.  It will be resurrected by the Glenbow Museum, Calgary.



Vancouverites weren’t only one to make complaints about it.  It was too controversial for New York City, too much for Stanford university, they didn’t want the controversial sculpture on its ground.  The art piece was placed in Harbour Green Park on Cordova Street as part of the Vancouver Biennale Sculpture Festival in 2005.  After 2 1/2 years, Residents of the Coal Harbour neighbourhood complained that the more than six-metre-tall (and wide) statues blocked their scenic view. Other residents said it simply offended their Christian beliefs to see a church turned upside-down. The Park Board agreed.


Personally, as one of ordinary with no art background, little knowledge and bad taste, I loved how the sculpture stands and with highlighted red color with every background from different angles.  It was really interesting piece of sculpture and I instantly felt the sculpture holding Earth on its bell tower from the ground viewpoint.

Can’t say much about complaints on blocking views but as someone said high-rise condominiums seem to block water more than one piece of sculpture. And was it really against Christian beliefs?  I don’t know… but I do believe the art doesn’t need to be politically correct in any form.


“It left as it arrived,…” as article noted.


Pictures from here , here and here.


5 Responses to “The Upside-down church moves to Calgary”

  1. Dream Meanings Says:

    Nice post! thanks

  2. jessica Says:


  3. Esther Lessard Says:

    That is too cool. I never even knew such a thing existed in Calgary!!!

  4. Dreams Says:

    Looks like fake photoshoped thing.

  5. lori anne rogers Says:

    i feel that the men and women of the world should be honerd to have such a butiful pice of art and should respect the hard work that went in to making such a marvel i also feel that it is an insault to the artist for them to take it down i hope that the artist dose not let this stop them from making more works of art such at this i think it’s wonderous and if i ownd land of my own i would be proud to have it on display as a fellow artist i am apaled with the disishion to take it down

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