Been there, done that

Er….Not Exactly this occasion but it is so true that you need to take many forms of quizzes or exams in Corporate Korea.  I also took a series of quizzes and exams during company’s three-week long orientation program. Following pictures describe a cross section of Korean corporate culture or Korean “exam” culture very well.

Employees of Everland dressed in Santa Claus take an exam prior to “Christmas holiday Fantasy” events.  About 30 employees took part in a one-day course at its Santa Claus school, Yes, Santa Claus school in Everland Yongin Korea,  and will serve customers as Santa Clauses.  So,

1. Take a qualifying examination 


2. Get a certification


3. Take the Santa Claus 101 classes

4. Hit the Road, HO HO HO!

I am sure they will be placed every corner of Everland and give their certified “HO HO HO”to every single customers.   Wave and smile!

 The story and pictures ripped from here and  here.


4 Responses to “Been there, done that”

  1. ZenKimchi » Santa Exams Says:

    […] I Dream Therefore I Am points out that even the Santas at Everland have to take exams. […]

  2. stebujiji Says:

    That’s a friggin’ riot. I can see some folks truly stressed out for this exam. Taking a test for everything is like getting your cornflakes getting pissed in every morning…

  3. musicfrommyseoul Says:

    No way!? that’s actually quite hilarious!! Koreans are sooo into standardized exams!! Oh my…
    Merry Christmas JiMong! 즐거운 성탄? Best wishes 🙂

  4. JiMong Says:

    You too, Ann-Marie!
    The very best wishes for you!

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