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Chinese recycling used condoms as cheap hair bands!

November 16, 2007

Recycling is bad bad bad! Yes, when it’s practiced with wrong material by wrong people. 

China daily via here and FP reports that used condoms that have been reprocessed into rubber bands and hair ties have been sold in part of China.

Yes, they’re recycling USED CONDOMS in to rubber band. 

This used    into !!!!!

“These CHEAP and COLORFUL  rubber bands and hair ties sell well in the city, threatening the health of local people and tourists,” the paper said.

Yikes! It’s just gross and disgusting! Hope any imported rubber bands, made in China, aren’t from this region.

What’s in these Chinese business people’s mind?  Not only the recent huge recalls on Toy but some other unpractical business are also cited by musicfrommyseoul.

FP also posted what’s really going on in e-waste recycling process in China.

Speaking of e-waste, FP interestingly points out that electronic sex toys, like dildos, are considered e-waste under British law, so you can’t just throw them in a landfill when you’ve enjoyed them out. This British company just promising to recycle used vibrators properly. 

What if used Western dildos piling up in some somewhere China too? What if these have been reprocessed into something else like this hair bands?  



Capitalism vs Marijuana

November 16, 2007

The Canadian dollar retreated back below $1.02 US on Thursday as investors continued to bail out of the Loonie. That’s its lowest close since Oct. 4, according to Bank of Canada data.  The Loonie has now given up almost nine cents US since it peaked at a modern-day high of $1.1030 US on Nov. 7.  

 Yet, Loonie still hits 30-year high.   


With a strong Loonie in my pocket, I could possibly get 10 to 30% cheaper goods across the border. It is also obvious that Canadian importers enjoy the strong Canadian dollars. But in the other side of strong Loonie, it also harms on the Canadian economy. Suddenly, it’s far more expensive to buy Canadian goods or sightseeing around Vancouver for our American friends. 

Who else got hit by strong loonie? According to this article via Foreign policy, it’s B.C’s marijuana growers.


With weak USD or strong loonie, it’s far more expensive to buy “the world’s best pot” and smuggling profits disappear.  This means that the backpacks of cash that regularly cross the Canadian border to buy pot have declined in purchasing power and it’s no longer worth the risks and costs for many smugglers. This is bad news for Canadian growers, who ship about 90 percent of their crop to the United States, as well as for their customers in the United States, who now have to pay a lot more or buy elsewhere.

“It’s very simple,” said Stephen Easton, professor of economics at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, B.C. …“The upshot is that the Canadian marijuana is now less competitive against marijuana grown elsewhere,” Easton said.

“This is a cost-driven business. With exports no longer viable, the British Columbia marijuana industry has certainly taken a hit, so to speak.”

FP concludes that the big winners from all this are Mexican marijuana growers, who will likely step in to fill the gap (the peso is struggling as well), and Econ 101 professors at U.S. liberal arts colleges, whose students will soon be clamoring for answers.

Is it?  Middlemiss who owns the Holy Smoke Culture Shop and Psyche-Deli in Nelson, B.C saying that

 “They’re all about quantity down there, We’re about the quality.”

Anyhow, The financial tables have turned, and global economics have done what U.S. law enforcement could not:  Seems like Capitalism has stopped the smugglers in their tracks.

The power of capitalism!