Southern California is on Fire

Towering wildfire, whipped by explosive desert winds and hotter dry temperature, burned out of control across S. California for a third day. 

420,424 acres of land burned

1,250 homes destroyed

881,500 people evacuated

5 people killed, around 40 people injured

(including at least 18 firefighters) as of today.

Praying for the families who have lost their love ones, homes and the many families who have been evacuated. Hopefully things will return to normal soon.

Pictures ripped from here, here, and here



2 Responses to “Southern California is on Fire”

  1. musicfrommyseoul Says:

    This is SO sad. I hadn’t realized the extent of the tragedy. Thanks for posting this.

  2. JiMong Says:

    Yes it was! We, human, are just a powerless being in front of ultimate nature.

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