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The Ultimate Record

September 28, 2007

According to Reuters, More than 1,000 Australian women donned free bikinis on Sydney’s Bondi Beach on Wednesday for a group photograph to win a spot in the Guinness World Book of Records.


Speaking of the Guinness World Record, it also lists some of weird, wonderful and wacky abound of the Guiness. 

1. Using only ONE hand, Germany’s Thomas Vogel unfastened 56 bras in 60 seconds. (Definitely, I love to try it someday!)

2. Australian John Allwood smashed 40 watermelons with his head in just one minute. (Good for anger management?)

3. Italian Michele Santana wins an entry for typing 57 books backwards.

4. Indian yoga instructor G.P Vijayakumar snorted eight fish up through his mouth and out of his nostrils in a minute. (He is a Y.O.G.A instructor)

5. American Jackie Bibby shared his bath with 75 live western diamondback rattlesnakes.(Wacky!)

6. Frenchman Michel Lotito claimed the weirdest diet — over the years he consumed 128 bicycles and 15 supermarket trolleys which he washed down with six chandeliers, two beds and a pair of skis. (eeeeeeeu)

7. China’s Dong Changsheng — he pulled a 1.5 tonne car using ropes hooked onto his lower eyelids.

8. 3,541 Philippine women in Manila shared the record for the most women ever to have breastfed their babies simultaneously. (Were 3,541 babies in one place?)

9. American park ranger Roy C.Sullivan — he was struck by lightning Seven times. Each strike took its toll — he lost eyebrows and a toe nail as well as suffering singed hair and chest burns.  He died in 1993 — not killed by lightning but by his own hand after reportedly being rejected in love. (Poor man!)

I pick one of rising Korean hiphop singer, Leo Kekoa (리오 케이코아) from Hawaii for this week’s TGIF song.  He has been working with D.T, YDG, Buga Kingz and JK Kim Dong Uk.

Here’s “Like That (황혼에서 새벽까지) (ft. Rhyme Bus)” from his first album III Skill, Enjoy it!



Immigrant cultures under fire

September 26, 2007

Canada has often been described as the mosaic society reflecting a vast diversity of cultural heritages and racial groups; a global village of varied traditions and faiths; a nation created by immigration from all around the world.

In reality, according to 24Hr newspaper,

… the debate raging through Quebec over how far society should go to accommodate immigrants’ religious and cultural practices could soon spill over to the rest of Canada.  

A majority surveyed Canadian believe that the country should draw a limit on allowances for religious and cultural activities (including prayer space) in public schools, hospitals, workplaces and during sports activities. 

Across the country, 53 per cent of Canadians said they felt immigrants must fully adapt to the country’s culture, compared to only 18 per cent who felt the notion of reasonable accommodation reflected their views.  Full article 

So, are they against, Multiculturalism in Canada?

Here in Vancouver, one of famous radio commentator/a top music promoter, Bruce Allen is under fire for his remarks aired Sep. 13th on his minute long show “Reality Check” on CKNW radio against Sikh- and Muslim Canadians.  His view might reflects those 53 per cent of Canadian.

In his minutes-long daily editorial,  Bruce Allen cited Sikh uproar with Passport Canada when children wearing kerchiefs in their photos were denied documentation, and controversy surrounding berka-clad women’s right to vote without revealing their faces.
Sep 13th. Reality Check

“If you choose to come to a place like Canada, then shut up and fit in … these are the rules,” he said in his broadcast rant. “There’s the door. If you don’t like the rules, hit it. We don’t need you here.”

Richmond MP Raymond Chan filed papers yesterday requesting the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission  investigate Bruce Allen’s remark and added he would urge the 2010 organizing committee to strip Bruce Allen of his high-profile position if he does not retract his remarks and make a public apology.

Canada, as far as I know, promotes multiculturalism.   And we Canadian celebrate and respect multiculturalism.   As an immigrant and a minority to the society,  Bruce Allen’s remarks crossed a step over the line of fire and believe he may have offended Sikh- and Muslim Canadians as there is no law stating voters have to be identified by their faces and no law forcing Sikhs to change their last names, as he inferred.  But, I also agree the part of Bruce Allen’s view regarding the rules, as the fundamental value of society, that immigrants also have to adopt local customs, laws and values.  Isn’t it the principle 101 to any society or country? 

<update> Bruce Allen’s words about it on Sep 26, 2007

The Season is back!

September 21, 2007

While Vancouverites covering up the BBQ Grills as months long rainy season approach, the hockey season is back, the Canucks enjoyed 5-4 home victory and improved their pre-season record to 2-0-1 while the Oilers fell to 2-1-0 .The Canucks will practise in Vancouver today and fly to San Jose on Saturday afternoon for a televised game later that night.

Go Canucks Go!

Speaking of sports, Vancouver have banned mixed martial arts, fights, like UFC or Pride FC, temporarily because city councillors don’t know enough about mixed martial arts, and they are concerning about city liability surrounding local events.

Of course, supporters fighting back against a possible ban.

Oh! Don’t forget to check out very interisting photo essay blog about North Korea

And here’s this weekend’s TGIF song, “Do You Love Me?” by Bobby Kim