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One Hostage Been Killed

July 25, 2007

As the situation is updating on the news and the Marmot’s hole, it’s getting worsen than expected, the Taliban released 8 hostages but killed one of its 23 South Koreans hostages and will kill the rest if their demands are not met by extended time set by Taliban .


 The Reuters quotes from the Taliban spokesperson, Qari Mohammad Yousuf, that

“Since Kabul’s administration did not listen to our demand and did not free our prisoners, the Taliban shot dead a male Korean hostage”… “If the administration of Kabul is not ready to release our hostages, then by 1:00 am (local time) the rest of the hostages will be killed”
And he told…

“That time is the last deadline.”

These 23 young church volunteers women and five men – were kidnapped in Ghazni province near Kabul last week on their mission.

Whether they were just delivering Medical aid and social services, an “Evangelical” trip or so called Membership Training,  I do believe they made a serious mistake and a foolish decision to travel to Afghanistan suffering by decades of war.  Now, their young and restless religous belief paid back with an unnecessary sacrifice of live and a possible ransom payment to the Taliban.  

I really don’t understand why they did not listen the Government warnings about the high risky level of the region at first place?  

There’s no one to blame but the organizer of this trip and themselves, I just hope rest of hostages return to their family safely, ASAP.


And also hope that the rest of Koeran christians to learn a lesson from this  hostage crisis, that the religious belief doesn’t give any right to drive their family and society into worry, and nor an excuse to foolish decision. The Belief does not protect them from the terrorists.    

[UPDATE] Second Hostage Killed


Taliban killed second hostage because the Kabul administration did not listen to their repeated demands. The Taliban spokesperson, Qari Mohammad Yousuf Ahmadi, who earlier told AFP and Reuters that a man named “Sung Sin: Shim Sung-min” was killed at 8:30 p.m. (local time) with AK-47 gunshots.  

My condolences and thoughts go to families of killed hostages and pray for the rest hostages to return home safely, ASAP.

[UPDATE 2] Two female korean hostages released

Two female Korean held hostage by the Taliban for more than three weeks were FREED yesterday in relatively good health.  The Taliban are still holding 19 Korean hostages, 16 of them women.  The Chiristian group has been criticized for going to Afghnistan against government advice.

[UPDATE 3] Rest of 19 Korean hostages been freed and came home on Sep. 2nd.


iPhone: The Musical

July 6, 2007

This is an Absolutely Hilarious piece.  

Enjoy it and TGIF!!

(To the tune of “I Did It My Way”)
New lyrics by David Pogue

And now, the end is near,
I’m sick to death of this old cellphone.
Bad sound, the signal’s weak, the software stinks—
A “Made in Hell” phone!

I’ve heard there’s something new,
A million times more rad than my phone,
I too, will join the cult,
I want an iPhone.

Concerns, I have a few;
It’s got some flaws, we may just face it,
No keys, no memory card,
The battery’s sealed—you can’t replace it.

But God, this thing is sweet,
A multitouch iPod Wi-Fi phone,
You had me from “hello,”
I want an iPhone.

I want to touch that precious screen,
I want to rub the smudges clean,
I want my friends to look and drool,
I want to say, “Look, now I’m cool!”
I stood in line, and I’ll get mine:
I’ll get an iPhone!

For what is a man, what has he got?
With no iPhone, then he’s got squat.
It’s all the things a phone could be—
So what if it’s AT&T (JiMong’s note: I really loved this part)
I took a stand, paid half a grand…
And got an iPhone!

 lyrics from Here