Roh Almighty?

Conservative‘s view


President Roh Moo-hyun addresses public officials, police officers and soldiers, “Stick to the election law and remain politically neutral in elections, even if I’m not willing to commit myself to it.”

President Roh filed a petition with the Constitutional Court on the National Election Commission’s verdicts that he violated the election law with his outspoken criticism against the main opposition Grand National Party and its presidential hopefuls. (English Chosun, 22 June 2007)

On The Progressive Side of View

Speaking at next week’s proposed strike by the Association of Unions of Metalworkers against a Free Trade Agreement with the United States, President Roh tells people to “stop engaging in political strikes” and to “start to think about why people are leaving labor unions.”

Meanwhile, back at the Blue House, the president is unable to figure out why his approval ratings are down and why people keep leaving his political party. (Hankyoreh Geurimpan, 22 June 2007)

Both sides know that Roh is derailed.  It’ll take a while.  But he needs to go through “Rehab”

Here’s this week’s Pick for “TGIF”: Rehab by Amy Winehouse

Oh! If you are in town, you will love to cruise around to feel a mix of jazz style as 10 days of  Vancouver International Jazz Festival kicks off today.




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