Telus Looking to Merge Bell Canada

According to news, Telus Corp. and Bell Canada Inc., the target of several privatization bids in the past few months, said they have been discussing a merger that has the potential of creating a combined market capitalization of more than $50 billion.


Vancouver-based Telus plans to make a cash-and-stock bid for its Eastern Canadian counterpart.   Bell Canada has a market cap of about $29.45 billion, while Telus, of Vancouver, British Columbia, has a market cap of about $20.31 billion.

Is this move really going to create “an all-Canadian solution” in a benefit to customer? or it would create a super jumbo giant that monopolizing industry with sky-high wireless phone bill?

While professional Investors have their say on ‘Belus’. I hope there’s wider open door policy for privatization not only to Canadian players but also to others so I, as a customer, could enjoy record low cell phone bill under fierce marketing war between service providers like in the US.

AND more important news for me is that it’s the first day of Summer and it began officially with the solstice at 11:13 A.M.  And this summer is going to be cooler than normal while the rest of Canada should experience hotter summer. Still,  I will try my best to enjoy the 100 days of b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l Summer.

Oh! It’s 1st Anniversary day of my blogging journey with “Hojupjimong: I dream therefore I am“, can’t believe I still filing up my konglish posts, wow!

Congrats to you JiMong!.


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