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Roh Almighty?

June 22, 2007

Conservative‘s view


President Roh Moo-hyun addresses public officials, police officers and soldiers, “Stick to the election law and remain politically neutral in elections, even if I’m not willing to commit myself to it.”

President Roh filed a petition with the Constitutional Court on the National Election Commission’s verdicts that he violated the election law with his outspoken criticism against the main opposition Grand National Party and its presidential hopefuls. (English Chosun, 22 June 2007)

On The Progressive Side of View

Speaking at next week’s proposed strike by the Association of Unions of Metalworkers against a Free Trade Agreement with the United States, President Roh tells people to “stop engaging in political strikes” and to “start to think about why people are leaving labor unions.”

Meanwhile, back at the Blue House, the president is unable to figure out why his approval ratings are down and why people keep leaving his political party. (Hankyoreh Geurimpan, 22 June 2007)

Both sides know that Roh is derailed.  It’ll take a while.  But he needs to go through “Rehab”

Here’s this week’s Pick for “TGIF”: Rehab by Amy Winehouse

Oh! If you are in town, you will love to cruise around to feel a mix of jazz style as 10 days of  Vancouver International Jazz Festival kicks off today.




Telus Looking to Merge Bell Canada

June 21, 2007

According to news, Telus Corp. and Bell Canada Inc., the target of several privatization bids in the past few months, said they have been discussing a merger that has the potential of creating a combined market capitalization of more than $50 billion.


Vancouver-based Telus plans to make a cash-and-stock bid for its Eastern Canadian counterpart.   Bell Canada has a market cap of about $29.45 billion, while Telus, of Vancouver, British Columbia, has a market cap of about $20.31 billion.

Is this move really going to create “an all-Canadian solution” in a benefit to customer? or it would create a super jumbo giant that monopolizing industry with sky-high wireless phone bill?

While professional Investors have their say on ‘Belus’. I hope there’s wider open door policy for privatization not only to Canadian players but also to others so I, as a customer, could enjoy record low cell phone bill under fierce marketing war between service providers like in the US.

AND more important news for me is that it’s the first day of Summer and it began officially with the solstice at 11:13 A.M.  And this summer is going to be cooler than normal while the rest of Canada should experience hotter summer. Still,  I will try my best to enjoy the 100 days of b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l Summer.

Oh! It’s 1st Anniversary day of my blogging journey with “Hojupjimong: I dream therefore I am“, can’t believe I still filing up my konglish posts, wow!

Congrats to you JiMong!.

클래지콰이 (Clazziquai)

June 15, 2007

One of Korean Electronica(+acid jazz +houseClassic+Jazz+Groove) fusion band, Clazziquai is back with the song 『Lover Boy』, from 3rd album “LOVE CHILD OF THE CENTURY“. And they are Korean-Canadian, ehy!

“Lover Boy”


Would you like to get a Free KISS?

June 14, 2007

Well, There was a Free Kiss campaign in Myeongdong, downtown Seoul.

Wasn’t the “Free Hugs”  campaign good enough?


Or the marketing manager at this company drain out of promotional strategies?  It’s not even real kiss of kiss…LOL. Folks over Korea would never get bored with these stuffs. Anyway, What is “Kiss Day”? and when /where did it start?

Thanks to WTF Chosun Ilbo

What do Canada and Texas have in common?

June 13, 2007

Or Korea and Florida?  

I found this very very interesting map of our neighborhood, The United States of America with each state relabeled for countries with similar Gross Domestic Product

Lone Star replaced with Maple Leaf while Korea still located in peninsular. Very interesting.  The creator of map also provided a run-down of the 51 states, plus DC as following.

  1. California, it is often said, would be the world’s sixth- or seventh-largest economy if it was a separate country. Actually, that would be the eighth, according to this map, as France (with a GDP of $2,15 trillion) is #8 on the aforementioned list.
  2. Texas’ economy is significantly smaller, exactly half of California’s, as its GDP compares to that of Canada (#10, $1,08 trillion).
  3. Florida also does well, with its GDP comparable to Asian tiger South Korea’s (#13 at $786 billion).
  4. Illinois – Mexico (GDP #14 at $741 billion)
  5. New Jersey – Russia (GDP #15 at $733 billion)
  6. Ohio – Australia (GDP #16 at $645 billion)
  7. New York – Brazil (GDP #17 at $621 billion)
  8. Pennsylvania – Netherlands (GDP #18 at $613 billion)
  9. Georgia – Switzerland (GDP #19 at $387 billion)
  10. North Carolina – Sweden (GDP #20 at $371 billion)
  11. Massachusetts – Belgium (GDP #21 at $368 billion)
  12. Washington – Turkey (GDP #22 at $358 billion)
  13. Virginia – Austria (GDP #24 at $309 billion)
  14. Tennessee – Saudi Arabia (GDP #25 at $286 billion)
  15. Missouri – Poland (GDP #26 at $265 billion)
  16. Louisiana – Indonesia (GDP #27 at $264 billion)
  17. Minnesota – Norway (GDP #28 at $262 billion)
  18. Indiana – Denmark (GDP #29 at $256 billion)
  19. Connecticut – Greece (GDP #30 at $222 billion)
  20. Michigan – Argentina (GDP #31 at $210 billion)
  21. Nevada – Ireland (GDP #32 at $203 billion)
  22. Wisconsin – South Africa (GDP #33 at $200 billion)
  23. Arizona – Thailand (GDP #34 at $197 billion)
  24. Colorado – Finland (GDP #35 at $196 billion)
  25. Alabama – Iran (GDP #36 at $195 billion)
  26. Maryland – Hong Kong (#37 at $187 billion GDP)
  27. Kentucky – Portugal (GDP #38 at $177 billion)
  28. Iowa – Venezuela (GDP #39 at $148 billion)
  29. Kansas – Malaysia (GDP #40 at $132 billion)
  30. Arkansas – Pakistan (GDP #41 at $124 billion)
  31. Oregon – Israel (GDP #42 at $122 billion)
  32. South Carolina – Singapore (GDP #43 at $121 billion)
  33. Nebraska – Czech Republic (GDP #44 at $119 billion)
  34. New Mexico – Hungary (GDP #45 at $113 billion)
  35. Mississippi – Chile (GDP #48 at $100 billion)
  36. DC – New Zealand (#49 at $99 billion GDP)
  37. Oklahoma – Philippines (GDP #50 at $98 billion)
  38. West Virginia – Algeria (GDP #51 at $92 billion)
  39. Hawaii – Nigeria (GDP #53 at $83 billion)
  40. Idaho – Ukraine (GDP #54 at $81 billion)
  41. Delaware – Romania (#55 at $79 billion GDP)
  42. Utah – Peru (GDP #56 at $76 billion)
  43. New Hampshire – Bangladesh (GDP #57 at $69 billion)
  44. Maine – Morocco (GDP #59 at $57 billion)
  45. Rhode Island – Vietnam (GDP #61 at $48 billion)
  46. South Dakota – Croatia (GDP #66 at $37 billion)
  47. Montana – Tunisia (GDP #69 at $33 billion)
  48. North Dakota – Ecuador (GDP #70 at $32 billion)
  49. Alaska – Belarus (GDP #73 at $29 billion)
  50. Vermont – Dominican Republic (GDP #81 at $20 billion)
  51. Wyoming – Uzbekistan (GDP #101 at $11 billion)

For a more accurate data, invest your time in the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis

Of course, I was also wondering where would the big players like China, Japan or EU be renamed? Don’t need to worry, another blogger kindly created this map where China took most of west coast while Japan relabeled the entire mid-states, indeed. 

So is Minnesota can be named as Minnekaido (or Hokkaisota) after Hokkaido?