One More Step Towards Unification

Two trains from North and South Korea crossed the heavily armed border line on Thursday since 1951. 

“It took the two Koreas 56 years to send the trains — one starting in the South and one in the North — across the Cold War’s last frontier for the runs of about 25 km (15 miles)…

North Korea’s military, fearful of increased openings between the isolated country and the outside world, cancelled a planned run a year ago. It agreed last week to a one-off run, despite pressure from Seoul for more crossings…

The South Korean government has been criticized at home for sending massive aid to the North only to see Pyongyang respond to its largesse by halting cooperation projects and sparking a security crisis with a nuclear test last year…”

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Whatever the political reasons behind I feel it was a right step towards unification on the Korean Peninsula.


2 Responses to “One More Step Towards Unification”

  1. Kent Says:

    Yes, a very good step indeed.

    Please come contribute more about the state of the Korean peninsula, as well as other foreign affairs items!


  2. JiMong Says:

    Hi Kent,

    I really hope so and for sure I will visit your site too. Thanks for your comment.

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