$1.63 Billion Party

It is 1008 days to the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games.  Acording to the news, It’s $1.63 Billion Party. On the projected $1.63 Billion P& L, International TV rights& sponsors promised $603.1 Million, $760 Million from domestic sponsors and Tickets projected to generate $232 Million (90 per cent of Winter Games tickets being sold in order to break even). The biggest expense is Service operation and Ceremonies which budgeted for $550 Million.

$550 Million on Service and Ceremonies…wow…The ceremonies must be heck of amazing ones…BTW, how much is the city of Vancouver, British Columbia or Stephen Harper Government budgeted to act on Global Warming issue? hmm.

And here’s a TGIF song which is very addictive one, at least to me, and I already listened 10 times in a row this morning.

“Love, Love, Love” by Epik High



2 Responses to “$1.63 Billion Party”

  1. musicfrommyseoul Says:

    oooooooh Korean songs!!! always so addictive! I hadn’t heard that one but i really like it! And I understand why you’re addicted to it… the woman is totally hot and the beat is good ^^

  2. JiMong Says:

    Yes yes yes! 😉
    But, Too bad I could just listen it from my ipod nano…no music video!

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