Virginia Tech. Massacre

It’s confirmed that a mindless killer massacred 32 innocent people  identified as a Korean student  ,Cho Seung-Hui, who lived in a dormitory on the Virginia Tech campus.

What a sad, awful tragedy! My heart goes out to the families and friends of those victims. Too bad Cho didn’t shoot himself first. Cho will go down in infamy as the senseless, deranged murderer and a moment of madness confined to the history books.

May those victims rest in peace. May there be NO Mercy on his deranged soul.


3 Responses to “Virginia Tech. Massacre”

  1. jk Says:

    NBC created this monster and they are trying to create another one by playing his propaganda video over and over. All the victims’ families should join together in a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT against NBC for wrongful death. You don’t believe it? Well, why did he sent his garbage to NBC? He knew that his propaganda would be shown by them because all he was really doing was mimicking their propaganda anyway. The Left says all us crackers deserve to die for what some moronic morons who lived 200 years ago did, and this guy just took that stupidity to it’s illogical conclusion. NBC is Cho’s father and ABC is his mother, and they are proud of their bastard child. Just turn on the TV and you can see their pride and joy.

  2. tio catire Says:

    VT Killings: Have NBC and the media gone too far this time?

  3. JiMong Says:

    JK, interesting points.

    I no longer feel it is newsworthy to air certain images or to broadcast his words from the clip. And it could also misguided another deranged ill human being..

    Tio /
    Thanks for the link.

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