Perspectives on FTA impact Contiunes

Conservative now sees on FTA 

The Real Stars of the Show is

The Korean and U.S. circus bears look on glumly as their Japanese and German tamers collect buckets of cash from the cheering audience.   Under the just-concluded free-trade agreement with the U.S., Korea will scrap tariffs on made-in-USA Japanese and European cars, which could threaten Korean carmakers, while interest here in the gas-guzzling, clumsy American cars is unlikely to rise. (English Chosun Ilbo, 4 April 2007)

Progressive still sees FTA as

Getting what you pay for, paying for what you get

There’s a Korean expression, “You’ve made someone sick; now give him his medicine.”  That’s what’s happening with the FTA with the United States, since at first people will be given mad cow disease and genetically altered beef “for cheap,” then have to pay “a little more than usual” for their pharmaceutical products. (Hankyoreh Geurimpan, 4 April 2007)


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