Killer teen awarded reduced sentence

I am very surprised and upset with the news that the B.C. Court of Appeal has reduced by two years the nine-year sentence of a teenager, Darnell Pratt, imprisoned who convicted in the dragging a Maple Ridge gas-station attendant, De Patie, to his death in a botched $12 fuel rip-off March 8, 2005. De Patie was dragged 7.5 kilometres to his death.

The higher court further ruled the trial judge failed to ‘give sufficient consideration’ to Pratt’s history of ‘broken family guidance’ and age, aboriginal heritage or troubled upbringing.

The crime is crime regardless killer’s backgrounds furthermore he should be handed more than a nine year sentence in first place. And I don’t believe he feels any “Sorry” to the victim nor truly regret what he had done to the victim, victim’s family and community. He might just smiles with wrong Canadian Justice system.  And this decision would send the wrong messages to these mindless wrong doers.


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