“Packman” to “Mistaken identity”

What? S Korea President Rho now saying it was his misunderstanding about Sohn that he is okay after all.
Is he always make his speech or statement based on his ideology on so called “Flexible Progressive“? 

Progressive then,

Ambushes along the campaign trail 

Fromer Grand National Party member Sohn Hak-gyu, on his race toward presidential candidacy, is being pulled along by the force of ‘questionable motives,’ when president Roh Moo-hyun bounds along, growling demands for an explanation as to why Sohn left the GNP.     Goh Kun, who was at one point another presidential hopeful for the ruling camp, lies wounded in the distance after President Roh called his appointment of Goh Kun as prime minister a “failure.” He cries out at Sohn Hak-gyu, “Be careful! You will be dead like me if you are mauled by Roh.” (Hankyoreh Geurimpan, 21 March 2007)

Progressive Now,

A case of mistaken identity

President Roh Moo-hyun, after having recently attacked presidential hopeful Sohn Hak-gyu, now pushes Sohn along the ice, now saying that Sohn’s okay after all, and that the initial misunderstanding was because he had mistaken Sohn for 1997 presidential candidate Rhee In-je, who, like Sohn, quit his political party to run for the presidency.  (Hankyoreh Geurimpan, 22 March 2007)

(adj.) Moving forward; advancing; Proceeding in steps; continuing steadily by increments; progressive change.
(n.) A person who actively favors or strives for progress toward better conditions, as in society or government

While Conservative gives consistent voices as below,

Sohn Hak-kyu, a former Gyeonggi governor who defected from the Grand National Party on Monday, doodles “Roh = incompetency” on the wall of the Blue House.   Mr. Sohn gets upset as President Roh Moo-hyun calls him a political “PackMan” who moves from party to party like a peddler going from market to market. By Kim Sang-taek (JoongAng Daily, 22 March 2007)

(adj.) Favoring traditional views and values; tending to oppose change;
Traditional or restrained in style; a conservative dark suit.
(n.) One favoring traditional views and values.


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