B.C. government cracks down on smoking in public

Health Minister George Abbott has introduced a tough new bill to further restrict smoking in B-C.   It will ban smoking in all public places next year including hospitals, malls and sports facilities.  And smoking will be banned on all school grounds as of September.

– All indoor public spaces, including restaurants, pubs, private clubs, offices, malls, conference centres, arenas, community halls, government buildings and schools.

– In public doorways, and “near” the doors, windows and air intakes of any building accessible by the public.

– Tobacco sales will be barred in public hospital and health facilities, universities and colleges, public athletic and recreational facilities and provincial buildings.

– The display of tobacco and related products will be banned in stores accessible to anyone under age 19.

As an ex-smoker, I have sympathy with smokers in B.C. who because of all the anti smoking legislation is treated them like 2nd class citizens.  There’s no objection to ban smoke indoors.  But not allowing smokers to smoke outside?  Isn’t that bit too much?  Why not B.C. Government just makes smoking Illegal?


2 Responses to “B.C. government cracks down on smoking in public”

  1. music from my seoul Says:

    you raise very good points. and i agree – if people want to destroy their health we should let them do so because it’s their CHOICE! even if we feel they shouldn’t, who are we to give advice?

    however, smoking is a different story because it doesn’t only affect the smoker; it affects people sourrounding the smoker. and although i’m a big human rights activist, i think it’s unfair to let them pollute our air.

    so many people die because of second hand smoke! plus, it’s bad for the environment and there’s always cigarette butts on the streets.

    hahaha wow. i didn’t know i felt so strongly about this issue ^^

    in Nagoya (japan) they have streets where smoking is prohibited!!! why not…

  2. JiMong Says:

    Yes, you’ve nailed down why this bill is passed in BC. It’s all about second hand smoke. I just imaging there might be a smokers building or area…..if it’s still legal product but more restrictions imposed. But smokers will be declined for sure.

    Really? It’s surprised that Nagoya has a smoke free street. As Japan is one of heavy smoking nation along with Korea on Earth. ..Wow. It fact, it is irony that there’s more smokers and the numbers are growing in most of Asian countries and undeveloped countries where developed (i.e. US) countries seem declining.

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