WTF! Japan’s PM says No Military Sex Slaves in WWII

According to articles, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said Thursday that there is NO evidence Japan forced Asian women into working as military sex slaves, Comfort Women, during the WWII, backtracking from a landmark 1993 statement acknowledging that tens of thousands of women were forced into prostitution for the military.

   “The fact is, there is no evidence to prove there was coercion,” Abe said. “We have to BRAINWASH and REVISE  the History take it from there.”

 Abe’s comments to reporters came as a group of right wing ruling party legislators urged the government to revise the so-called Kono Statement acknowledging that Japan’s wartime military sometimes used coercion to recruit women to work in the brothels. 


The Kono Statement was issued in 1993 by then-Chief Cabinet Secretary Yohei Kono after incriminating defense documents were discovered showing the military had worked with independent contractors during the war to procure women for the brothels.

Historians say that up to 200,000 women, mainly from Korea and China, were forced to have sex with Japanese soldiers in brothels run by the military government as so-called “comfort women” during the war.

Japanese leaders have repeatedly apologized, including former prime minister Junichiro Koizumi, who said in 2001 that he felt sincere remorse over the comfort women’s “immeasurable and painful experiences.” Former Japanese Prime Minister Yasuhiro Nakasone (in)famously stated in his memoir that he set up a comfort house for his troops of about 3,000 when he was a navy lieutenant in charge of accounting.

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Japan’s prime minister stands guard in front of a brothel operated by the Japanese military during World War II. “There was no coercion in the recruitment of ‘comfort women,’ ” he says. “Really? I had no idea,” says the soldier inside. (Hankyoreh Geurimpan, 5 March 2007)

In 2001, Japanese historian Hirofumi Hayashi of Kanto-Gakuin University in Yokohama, Japan, said;

“The establishment and development of the military ‘comfort women’ system…was not only carried out by the total involvement of every section of the military but also by administrative machinery at every level of the Japanese state…In addition, we should not overlook that Japanese companies were their accomplices.”

And here are some links to “Comfort Women” issue,

And Official Japanese government response from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1993 on comfort women, their background, and recruitment.

<update> Debates goes on the Marmot’s  and NYT criticized Mr. Abe.

<update 2> According to Guardian, Hiroshige Seko, an aide to Mr Abe, had said on TV on Mar.4th: “Though there are many definitions of coercion, prime minister Abe has said … that he will stand by the Kono statement. He has not denied the statement.” yea..right…Mr. Abe

<update 3> L.A. Times criticized Mr. Abe.

The problem that Japan — and its neighbors — have today stems from the lack of an equivalent of the Nuremberg trials to establish a complete and irrefutable record of the war crimes in Asia. Moreover, the Japanese government burned many of its own records, and others fell into private hands. This historical vacuum provides the opening for statements like Abe’s that there is “no proof” that women were coerced into sexual bondage. Those who oppose the International Criminal Court should be mindful of this pitfall. Meanwhile, Japan owes far more than an apology to the comfort women. Redress is legally and morally required.

And Economist criticizing that Mr Abe’s true colours revealed by his statement  as as a conservative (Right Wing) politician who has long taken a revisionist  view of Japan’s 20th-century history.

People across Aisa speaks

Why Japanese Politicians have so much trouble moving beyond its past?


5 Responses to “WTF! Japan’s PM says No Military Sex Slaves in WWII”

  1. music from my seoul Says:

    I didn’t know anything about comfort women until a co-worker told me all about it. It’s insane!

    I read a similar article on my way to Japan. It’s unbelievable that they would say such a thing. How do those women feel, being called “prostitutes” when they actually (i really think so) were used as sex slaves????

    It’s good that you inform ppl about this!

  2. JiMong Says:

    Sad thing is that the Survivors of the “comfort women” system are now elderly and that their days are numbered…VERY Sad history which has to be healed.

    A sincere bow of apology from Mr. Abe and cabinet members will heal the soul of these “comfort women”. Only a deep bow needed to heal the past…A deep bow that the Japanese politicians, gov. Officials, CEO,..gave to Japanese nationals whenever they have to apology.

  3. Bob Says:

    Austria, combined with Germany at the wartime, has accepted to be as a loser of the
    WW2, and apologized to their victims. But Korea have refused to be a loser of that war
    while there were at least 6 Korean lawmakers of Japanese Parliament, a Korean vice
    admiral, many Korean commissioned officers and soldiers of Japanese army at WW2.
    What’s more, the current South Korean government and Army directly took over from
    the governor-general of Korea and Korean units of the former Imperial Japanese Army.
    Korean should apologize to their victims of WW2 and Vietnam War.

  4. JiMong Says:

    Hi Bob,

    Thanks for visiting the site. First of all, I totally agree with you that Korea should also make an official apology on Vietnam War upon Vietnamese gov’t or civilians requests if there were Korean gov operated military ‘comfort women’ system and used coercion to recruit women to work in the brothels. However, I do not agree with you on your comparison between Austria and Korea as I do not think Austrians experienced same annexation or suffered much as Koreans during colonization period. I believe large parts of the Austrian population were in favour of the Nazi regime. That’s hugh gap of difference to start looking back the history, imho. Also, If you might want dig up more on current liberal (progressive, or left-wing..) S Korean Gov., the SK government already started an investigation to take action against Korean citizens,AKA collaborators, cooperated with Japan, which colonized the peninsula from 1910 to 1945. The committee might already included Koreans you described. At least there’s people who want to correct the history and they could speak up in Korea. I think it is less like happen in a modern-democracy country like Japan where only the one ultimate party ruled over 60 years if you start to count from post WWII.

  5. gameboys 2007 Says:

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    WTF! Japan’s PM says No Military Sex Slaves in « I Dream

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