Love For Sale?

Vancouver Magazine features a story about four sex trade workers from very different walks of life.

There is no categorical prostitute. If we understand that, then categorical imperatives (Ship ’em over the bridges! Designate a red light district!) look awfully clumsy. The sex workers who share their stories here are a highly varied bunch (though they all smirked before giving their age).

DJ (32) works amid a haze of abuse on a corner in the Downtown Eastside yet maintains an inspiriting air; Cory (28) loves his work and is indistinguishable from any other gay urban professional; Sue Davis (37) is a community activist with experience gained from the street, massage parlours and newspaper ads (she might also be the happiest hooker in town); and Versace (21) is a transsexual so coquettish you might miss the entrepreneurial spark in her immaculately made-up eyes.

Continue to read article.

* The article is initially linked on Beyond Robson.


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