Completely Disgusted 3

Another completely disgusted story.

…American soldier kills innocent family and rapes a 14 yr old just after killing her parents and shots 3 bullets in her head after raping her…

Now, Bush wants to send even more troops while Blair wants to cut more troops.

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According to this article,

“Reported Statistics from the Veterans Administration over 200,000 US military women have been sexually harassed 79%, hazed and 30% raped by their own US military male counterparts; 60,000 East Asian Pacific civilians from Okinawa, Philippines, Korea, Japan, Thailand have been sexually harassed, raped, brutalized and murdered with virtually no accountability by US military men. In fact it has been standard operating procedure of the US military when one of their own personnel abuse, rape or murder a foreigner to place them (assailant) on an airplane and send them not to prison but to the next assignment without accountability. “

And is Bush an “Idiot”?

The whole world know the answer!

HT to “Music from my Seoul

Also Michael Hurt over “Scribblings of the Metropolitician” posted his perspective on this crime.


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