Stalin, Kim, Mao plotted Japan invasion?

The Japan times Onlines replicates an interesting story that old three evils of axis planned to invade Japan during the Korean War.  According to documents uncovered by Kyodo News at the National Archives in London that Kim Il Sung, Mao Zedong and Joseph Stalin may have plotted that year to invade Japan by air and submarine and that the assault would further involve an attack of Taiwan.

The informer said Joseph Stalin, Kim Il Sung and Mao Zedong met in Moscow for around five days to formalize the plan on or around Dec. 3, 1950. They also discussed strengthening their alliance and agreed to complete their occupation of South Korea by April 1951. 

According to the source, the plan was for 500,000 Soviet troops to attack northern Japan, 500,000 North Korean soldiers to invade central Japan and 1 million Chinese troops to go into southern Japan and Taiwan. These forces were to be aided in Japan by members of the Japanese Communist Party Youth Action Corps.
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The Ariticle concludes that it was one of classic communist rumor still it is interesting archives of modern history.


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    Stalin, Kim, Mao plotted Japan invasion? « I Dream Therefore I Am

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