Is it already Friday? Time absolutely flies.

It is strange that I cannot get “Flamenco”  out of my head today. 

This powerful Flamenco performance by Eva La Yerbabuena reminds me the powerful yet beautiful inspiration that I had during hot summer nights in Sevilla, Spain 2002. 

Here’s Eva La Yerbabuena.

Powerful, eh?

And here’s another Flamenco song, dance and guitar performance by Ramon Ruiz and Anita la Maltesa.

I love almost all kinds of music, but I feel the passion in the flamenco!!!   Ah, I hope to visit Spain again, soon.

Viva el Flamenco!!!  olé!



2 Responses to “TGIF”

  1. lookingreflection Says:

    ahhhhh~ Flamingo, Sevilla, Granada, Barcelona….
    Brings me back all the good memory of music, dance, wine and food…I hope to visit Spain again soon, too!

    (I feel like I’m commenting too much?)

  2. JiMong Says:

    Viva Espana! So, are we having same resolutions for 설날? 😉

    Not at all L@reflection, you are always welcome.
    새해 복 많이 많이 많이 받으세요. 돼지꿈 많이 꾸시고!

    (Still try to solve mystery of your name…too many possibilities)

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