Great Pics of Korea in 50’s

The Marmot’s Hole posted another set of fascinating photos of Korea this time in 50’s. 


It was probably the most difficult time for almost every Korean suffering after the Korean War as my father generation always describes. Great pictures! HT to the Marmots, 초보늑대(texasatm) who excavated these valuable photos, and Mr. Adam Ewert who helped Korean during that time and captured these valuable moments as well.  Take a ride on a time machine!


5 Responses to “Great Pics of Korea in 50’s”

  1. lookingreflection Says:

    Hey, I was just looking at old photos of Korea at The Marmot’s Hole blog this morning, too!

  2. JiMong Says:

    Really? How were the pictures?

    I think these pictures are just great. It might be true as some expats arguing in the Marmot that some Korean don’t want to see these pictures. But I do believe most Korean appreciated these pictures as a valuable mirror to Modern Korean history. It is also amazing to read linked (from this korean blogger) stories that people actually linked and brought back their very own history by these pictures.

  3. lookingreflection Says:

    I love these rare pictures. Apparently, people looked a lot happier than today in some photos…although it was a difficult time.

  4. JiMong Says:

    Yes indeed. They looked a lot happier! May be they could see the more hopes that we don’t see much today? Or we were too busy or think too much …

  5. wan Says:

    Yes…. they looked happy… that’s because the korean war has been ended…

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