Six-nation Talks Reach a “Tentative” Agreement

North Korea has done it again! Got it again! Six-nation (Republic of Korea, N. Korea, Japan, US and Russia)  on Tuesday, mainly the deal between N. Korea and U.S., agreed to provide up to 1 million tons of heavy fuel oil worth W400 billion ($250 million) and economic support to North Korea if N.K. disables its nuclear facilities. Continue to read on NYT

In summery,

— Within 60 days, the North must shut down and seal its main nuclear facilities at Yongbyon, north of the capital Pyongyang. International inspectors should be allowed to verify the process. For the initial steps, North Korea will get energy, food and other aid worth 50,000 tons of heavy fuel oil.
— The United States will begin bilateral talks with North Korea to normalize their relations and will begin the processes of removing North Korea from its designation as a terror-sponsoring state and also ending U.S. trade sanctions, but no deadline was set.
— Japan will begin bilateral talks with North Korea to normalize their relations.
— After 60 days, foreign ministers of all the countries will meet to confirm the implementation of the agreement and talk about security cooperation in northeast Asia. Some countries will hold a separate forum on negotiations for a permanent peace settlement to replace the 1953 cease-fire that ended the Korean War.
— The North must provide a complete list of its nuclear programs and disable all existing nuclear facilities. In return, the North will get aid in corresponding steps worth 950,000 tons of heavy fuel oil — details of which will be addressed in later working group discussions.
— Five working groups will be created: denuclearization, U.S.-North Korea relations, Japan-North Korea relations, economic cooperation and on a peace and security mechanism in northeast Asia.
— The six-nation talks will meet again March 19.

Key events on N.Korea crisis,

Is this going to resolve the problems? Further more, could it  lead to reunification of two Korea? Could Koreans live happily ever after?

really hope so but I don’t think so. N. Korea seems to know what are the US administration weaknesses are and it is playing and exploiting them to maximum effect.  This cartoon reflects my view very well.

Kim Jong-il sings at the “Magic Nuclear Bomb Club”while South Korea, the United States and Japan dance outside after the agreement to close the
Yongbyon nuclear facility. As Mr. Kim bangs his club and sings, “C’mon everything I want,” rice, fertilizer, oil and cash pour out in front of him. But
still, the magic nuclear club remains intact.
By Kim Sang-taek

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