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I like to watch documentary films and TV programs capturing the moments of everyday life of ordinary people.  A good example would be VJ특공대 (VJ Squad) on KBS.  One of American expats, Michael Hurt, in Korea created another excellent blog which consist the episode of everyday life in
Seoul on video podcast
.  His video podcast going to be very interesting that it would capture the moments I’ve never seen before from ordinary Korean media and from Korean view points.  Following is part of his thoughts on video podcast.

…In this society, there are Koreans who don’t like spicy food, foreigners who speak Korean, feminists who like men, gay men who don’t look feminine, poor people who aren’t lazy, smart students who don’t go to famous schools, as well as fat people, Koreans with curly hair, short girls with big feet, and all kinds of other combinations of people, appearances, and personalities. No, we are not all the same, but we do share common ground….

And here’s first video podcast from SeoulGlow.

Keep up the good work, Michael!


2 Responses to “Video Podcast”

  1. Music From My Seoul Says:

    I couldn’t believe it: the red-haired girl wearing a white coat and saying how rude ajummas can be is my friend Pam from work!!! What a small world!

    That’s a really great video! Kinda like socio-analytical one too, really good!! :d

  2. JiMong Says:

    Oh really? wow…What a samll world. :-0

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