Astronaut in Love triangle under arrest

What’s happening during a NASA mission in outer space or in dark side of moon?  

Local Newspaper picked a news that a NASA astronaut accused of attacking an alleged romantic rival was released on bail Tuesday by an Orlando, Fla., judge and fitted with an ankle bracelet, a global positioning device. 

Navy Capt. Lisa Nowak 43, a married mother of three, who was part of a shuttle mission to the international space station in July, was arrested on Monday and faces several charges, including attempted kidnapping. Police said Nowak drove from Houston to Orlando to confront Shipman about a relationship with Oefelein. After Shipman’s flight landed and she headed for her car, Nowak allegedly followed her and began banging on her car window, police said. When Shipman opened the window, she told police Nowak sprayed pepper spray into the car and Shipman sped away.

Police said they recovered a black bag they saw Nowak throw in a garbage bin and retrieved pepper spray, a wig, a trench coat, an air cartridge BB Gun, a steel mallet, a folding knife with a 10-cm long blade, three to four feet of rubber tubing, several plastic garbage bags and about $600 in cash, the report said.

Nowak also reportedly said she had worn Diapers during the 1500 Km drive (From her home in Houston, Texas to the Orlando International Airport, Florida) so she wouldn’t have to stopRead whole story.

So What’s in the space? What’s out there?

Yes, It’s Love,  my friends!


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