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Love For Sale?

February 28, 2007

Vancouver Magazine features a story about four sex trade workers from very different walks of life.

There is no categorical prostitute. If we understand that, then categorical imperatives (Ship ’em over the bridges! Designate a red light district!) look awfully clumsy. The sex workers who share their stories here are a highly varied bunch (though they all smirked before giving their age).

DJ (32) works amid a haze of abuse on a corner in the Downtown Eastside yet maintains an inspiriting air; Cory (28) loves his work and is indistinguishable from any other gay urban professional; Sue Davis (37) is a community activist with experience gained from the street, massage parlours and newspaper ads (she might also be the happiest hooker in town); and Versace (21) is a transsexual so coquettish you might miss the entrepreneurial spark in her immaculately made-up eyes.

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* The article is initially linked on Beyond Robson.


S. Korean soldier killed in terrorist attack in Afghanistan

February 27, 2007

South Korean Soldier, Sgt. Yoon Jang-ho, was killed in a suicide bomb attack on Feb. 27 at Bagram airbase in Afghanistan, where he had been serving since last September on a translation mission. Yoon was on duty at the main gate of the U.S. military base in Bagram at the time he was killed in a suicide bomb attack. The Taleban declared they executed the attack and that the attacker was trying to get to US Vice-President Dick Cheney, who was on an unannounced visit to the region. Some reports say 14 people died including Sgt. Yoon as result of suicide bomb – more than 20 others were hurt. Yoon was the first South Korean solider to be killed in a terrorist attack abroad.  Read whole story here , here and here

UN and NATO forces trying to weed out Taliban fighters in the region. There are some 2,500 Canadian soldiers fighting alongside Afghanistan. Canada has suffered 44 fatalities in Afghanistan – 36 of them last year. 

About 60 medics of the Dongui Medical Unit and 150 engineers of the Dasan Engineering Unit have been operating in Afghanistan since 2002 to help with reconstruction in the war-torn country. Seoul has also deployed 2,300 troops to Iraq, the third-largest force in the coalition in Iraq after the United States and Britain. In addition, Seoul is also set to dispatch a battalion of 350 peacekeeping soldiers to Lebanon.

My condolences to his family.


February 23, 2007

Just listened this song aired on radio on the way to the office, It’s always a great day starts with U2.

Here’s “Elevation” on music video,

And Vertigo tour live from Milan 2005

U2  Forever!TGIF

Completely Disgusted 3

February 23, 2007

Another completely disgusted story.

…American soldier kills innocent family and rapes a 14 yr old just after killing her parents and shots 3 bullets in her head after raping her…

Now, Bush wants to send even more troops while Blair wants to cut more troops.

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According to this article,

“Reported Statistics from the Veterans Administration over 200,000 US military women have been sexually harassed 79%, hazed and 30% raped by their own US military male counterparts; 60,000 East Asian Pacific civilians from Okinawa, Philippines, Korea, Japan, Thailand have been sexually harassed, raped, brutalized and murdered with virtually no accountability by US military men. In fact it has been standard operating procedure of the US military when one of their own personnel abuse, rape or murder a foreigner to place them (assailant) on an airplane and send them not to prison but to the next assignment without accountability. “

And is Bush an “Idiot”?

The whole world know the answer!

HT to “Music from my Seoul

Also Michael Hurt over “Scribblings of the Metropolitician” posted his perspective on this crime.

It’s OK

February 22, 2007

for woman to walk around Topless in Vancouver

… The move comes after a complaint was made to the police department from a woman who has crusaded for the right to go shirtless for years and was victorius in BC Supreme Court. …

Huh? What? Is it women’s right issue? Equal rights ? Freedom of individual expression? Or just practicing part of Hippi culture? Are Vancouver cops too conservative?