Completely Disgusted 2

According to Korean news, South Korean police on Sunday investigated a U.S. GI over Raping and Beating a 67 year old Korean woman.            

“South Korean police on Sunday investigated a U.S. soldier over raping and beating an elderly Korean woman. The police requested an arrest warrant for the 8th Army soldier identified only by the initial G. According to the police, he beat the 67-year-old woman’s face and raped her in a residential area in Mapo of westernSeoul last morning. Police officers said that they caught him after they heard her screaming and rushed to the scene while patrolling the area. The woman was taken to a nearby hospital and treated for her injuries, they said. The soldier used his right to keep silent just identifying himself as a member of the United States Forces Korea (USFK). The police said they will seek a warrant to take him into custody for questioning, under the South Korea-United States Status of Forces Agreement. Under the agreement, Korea has jurisdiction over crimes such as murder, rape or arson…”

Is this just another behavior of bad apple? Do I see the difference between these guys and this completely disgusted sick bastard?                 
Not much…


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