More of 21,500 US troops into Iraq.

U.S. President Bush had announced to send reinforcements of his troops to Iraq yesterday. Regardless of strong oppositions, worries from Americans and people around the world, Bush has defiantly decided to send even more troops into the graveyard.  In 2006 alone, 12,000 civilians died, while more than 3,000 American soldiers have been killed since the war began with  the U.S.-led Invasion in 2003, or so called The war on terror. (The US defense secretary unveiled plans to add 92,000 soldiers and marines to the overall strength of the U.S. military today).

Is it the only choice as an essential step towards stabilizes Iraq? Is Bush already forgot that of the American people as so clearly shown by the recent midterms? Well, to me, it is obvious that the death toll for US troops in Iraq will more than double or triple in a couple of years.  More families will have to pay a hugely cost for this so called war on insurgents.  Not only the US taxpayers but also most of taxpayers from other countries since it is obvious that Bush will call for supports from US allies and will be granted.

Also, Interesting enough, more and more people start to compare Iraq with Vietnam. And I found following BBC article very interesting;

History does not repeat itself exactly, so what happened in Vietnam might not happen in Iraq, but there are parallels that are interesting to note

  • First there is the realisation in Washington that it is not winning. Mr Bush has admitted this himself
  • Second, there is a policy of trying to hand over responsibility to the local government in the midst of battle, not after it – this happened in Vietnam with the policy of Vietnamisation
  • Third, there is the belief by the US administration that more troops are an important part of the answer
  • Fourth, there is an opposite belief by others that the enterprise cannot work and that disengagement must be sought – US public doubt is a theme common to both conflicts
  • Fifth, in Vietnam too the president consulted an outside group – they were called the Wise Men and, like the Iraq Study group, they too urged a policy designed to lead to withdrawal

Some people saying,

How can anyone say the Invasion of Iraq was morally wrong when human beings were being tortured and murdered by the thousands. Should other countries just shrug their shoulders, turn their backs and do nothing. Please dont tell me we have a UN to sort these sort of problems out because they never seem to so anything other than disagree because of countries self interests.
peter b, b’ham

I’m a US citizen. I say to the British:
This proves that Our George is crazier than Your George(III)
Maude Standard

The neoconservatives and George Bush, their whiskey-sodden puppet are a greater threat to the human race than global warming and NBC Warfare.
It will be an act of providence (and I am a confirmed athiest…) if the world survives his term.
It is unfortunate, shameful and embarassing that America… a country that has for so long seemed to symbolize anything genuine in this world is now the object of scorn and the source of so much pain and harm in the world today.
W. Jonathan McCoy, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

We are a mad nation led by a mad man. We deserve each other. 2 more years? I don’t think so. I am headed to Canada.
Sidney Carton, Rochester, NY

Ungrateful Brits. […]20 years from now Bush will be regarded as a genious for establishing a major democracy in the M.E. […] ungrateful europeans again reap the benefits of America’s courage
Chris, Lincoln, Nebraska
Knowing the history of the middle east, I very much doubt it. Unless the benefits are really the oil that’s there.
Malvern, United Kingdom

And US readers are also saying.

What is your view?

*Cartoon ripped from here.


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