Mother Nature still makes news in New Year

Vancouver kicked off the new year in much the same way it ended 2006, having its warning rung by Mother Nature.

According to local news, Wind and rain warnings were in effect during the first two days of the year as the Pineapple Express roared through the Lower Mainland. 

– the Pineapple Express –

It reports that the conditions should improve drastically this afternoon with sunny breaks, as I could see some spots of clear blue sky thru the office window, before the rains return Friday.


2 Responses to “Mother Nature still makes news in New Year”

  1. lookingreflection Says:

    The Pineapple Express, huh? I’ve never heard of this, interesting!
    thanks for posting the Pineapple Express map. Happy Rainy New Year! 🙂

  2. JiMong Says:

    Yup, what a tasteful name for a heavy rain/snowfall, eh. 😉 And I really like the first part of explanation of Wikipedia that “The Pineapple Express is…that brings warm moist air from Hawaii (Where Pineapples are grown)…” So if the jet stream brings warm air from Bikini Island, it would be the Bikini Express. 😉

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