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Save our best-loved Stanley Park

December 21, 2006

One of my favorite places in Vancouver, Stanley Park, may be the  best-loved park and major attraction for tourists, was hit by a series of storms battered the West Coast with near-hurricane force winds (nearly 115 km/hr) on Friday, December 15 that caused extensive damage and the loss of thousands of trees. More than 60% of Stanley Park’s western edge has been damaged.

According to paper,

The park was logged extensively in the 1860s and ’70s, but many of the fir and hemlock trees that were not of good enough quality to become timber remained…As the forest became more and more dense, trees were forced to compete for light, with even the century-old trees, in some instances, growing more than 50 metres tall….The taller a tree becomes, the more unstable it is…

Vancouver Park Board staffs have been working tirelessly to clean up and restore access to the park.  Yet, Board officials still don’t know what it’ll cost to clean up all the fallen trees in Stanley Park.  The restoration cost could be enormous, and the parks board doesn’t have the funds to pay it.

According to Vancouver 24hr,

“We don’t have a contingency fund for this type of situation,” said parks board commissioner Ian Robertson. “That’s where we’re hopeful that the value of the trees that have been blown down, if we market them, will help to offset the cost to replant the trees.”

  Park Board is extremely grateful for the public’s interest and support and is accepting donations for reforesting the damaged areas of the park. 


Also,Board issued Dos and Don’ts


Do: Obey barricades set up on park trails. Many forested areas and trails have not been assessed or cleared.

Do: Donate to the Stanley Park Tree Donation Fund. Info is available on the Vancouver Parks Board website.

Don’t: Chop wood of any kind from the park. There’s free wood available at the wood lot at Spanish Banks East.

Hope the park restored and healed as soon as possible!

Let’s make it happen.