May he rest in Peace.

James Kim’s, CNET Senior Editor, body was found, four days after he left his family for help.  It had been 11 day since the family first ran into trouble.  The spot where he was finally located was a mere 1.6 km from the spot where his family, his wife Kati (30) and two daughters Penelope (4) and Sabine (7 months), was rescued on Monday. 

Digital Chosun described this tragic story as follows,

Father’s Long March to Save Family Moves Nation

He was a true hero.

Since rescuers Wednesday found the body of James Kim, who struck out on his own in search of help after becoming stranded with his family on a mountain road in the Oregon wilderness, messages of condolence have poured in from all over the world. … Continue to read

What if I were in same situation as James Kim….Would I stayed with family until rescued or left for help.  

Over at the Marmort’s hole, commentators made different point of views.  I think I would done the same thing as James Kim as one commentator stated.

“With the family stranded for over 7 days, with no help in sight, and with baby’s milk rapidly running out, Mr.Kim probably thought he had to do something before his kids, one by one, die of starvation.

As a father, knowing that my kids would die if we didn’t get any help soon, I probably would have done the same thing if I was in his position.”

May he rest in Peace. My sympathies and thoughts go to his family.


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