Snow Snow Snow 2

It wasn’t enough. Another Snowstorm has hit Greater Vancouver this afternoon. It is predicted up to 15 centimetres of snow then growing into a larger storm later in the evening.  It’s got the makings of a snowy week.  Followings are some of scene that I stole from Vancouver Sun and from other site.  

Hope, I could make it to my cubicle tomorrow morning thru slippery roads.

(Update) Driving conditions weren’t bad at all coming to the work this morning.  Snow removal crews across Greater Vancouver did good job in the battle to keep traffic moving throughout stormy nite on most of main roads. Environment Canada’s McIntyre said Vancouver has also already set a snow record for the amount of accumulation in any November, but said the 31 centimetres that had fallen as of Wednesday afternoon comes nowhere close to the record 121.9 centimetres — 47 inches — that fell in January 1971.  Without question, I miss mass public transportation in Metropolitan Seoul under these weather conditions


4 Responses to “Snow Snow Snow 2”

  1. paka Says:

    Zeeesh! That much snow again! WOW! We still don’t have much snow here…only in the higher altitudes.

  2. JiMong Says:

    Yes,,, It’s almost melt downed. It’s getting back to typical Vancouver winter.

  3. Music From My Seoul Says:

    Oooooooooooooooh wow!!! That’s BEAUTIFUL!!!! You may not realize it, but you are very lucky!

    No snow yet in Seoul. And I heard winter here is basically: cold weather, ice, and a couple of snowfalls once in a while.

    You’re right though, the subway system is totally genius!!! But it’d be more useful in countries that actually need to circulate underground because of bad weather!

    I’ll definitely miss Canadian winter. Especially Quebec winter. I feel like a kid every time there’s a snowstorm…

    Roads filled with snow and everything you look at is white! And trees with huge layers of snow… It’s so romantic and peaceful (of course not for the people trying to make their way to work on slippery roads 😉

    Thanks for your post, you really got me nostalgic here!!! Enjoy!!

  4. JiMong Says:

    Yup, I heard a lot of beauties of Quebec from Fall to Winter season. Definitely will visit one of these days!!

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