Any clue? 

That’s the figures I heard on the radio this morning that how much Canadian donated for charity organizations this year.

Total of $7.6 Billion donated this year increased by 6% compare to last year. So…in average, every single Canadian donated around  $240

According to, Statistically,:

  • The largest age group of donors is the 35-44 group, closely followed by those aged 45-54.
  • The youth donor group is growing: in 1997 only 59% of Canadians aged 15-24 said that gave to charitable causes, but that number grew to 64% by 2000.
  • Nearly half of all donors hold at least one university degree or post-secondary diploma/certificate.
  • The largest annual donation amount comes from donors with a household income of $100,000 or more ($529), but the largest percentage of income donated to charity comes from those donors with the lowest income bracket (1.12% of income).
  • Almost half of all dollars donated go to religious organizations, yet the largest number of donations is given to health care organizations.

  • Something that we, Canadians need to be proud of …And something we, Koreans need to learn from it.


    2 Responses to “WOW!!”

    1. Music From My Seoul Says:

      That’s wonderful! It feels so good to get those kind of news far away from my country. And since you’ve posted this, it means that you care. That’s a beautiful heart.

      Koreans should probably learn from us Canadians (I really love how most of us are so generous and compassionate and easy going and open minded) but I gota say that a lot of Koreans are “concretely” helpful on a daily basis.

      I’ve been helped by far more people here than back home (probably because I don’t look lost in Quebec but still…) If i’m staring at a map they come and ask if I need help.

      If i’m looking puzzled while reading through the pages of my lonely planet guide, they also offer to help. If I drop 1000won, they run after me to give it back. If I ask for grapes at the fruit market and the vendor doesn’t understand English, they translate for me with a big smile.

      If my subway pass refuses to work, they run to the ticket booth and buy me one, refusing any sort of “kamsahamnida” or money. If i get lost while hiking after sunset they gladly lend me a hand and show me the way.

      However I’m curious how generous Koreans are when it comes to their own people? It’s such a competitive and highly hierarchical society… don’t they look down on beggars and homeless people?

      I can’t imagine they’d do that but you never know I guess.
      Enjoy the week-end!!

    2. JiMong Says:

      You really had good experiences over poker-faced Korean, eh! 🙂
      Yes, Koreans are more friendly to foreigners than own bros, sis. Koreans do donate but it’s bit different than Canada or any other western culture. Koreans do donate more when media (especially TV) start to broadcast a donation campaign and ask for donation for child cancer, victims from natural disasters, NK refugees, single mom story, poverty…so on so on. You might have a chance to see long line of people donating buck to thousands on TV program. Yet Korean looks down on baggers and homeless as Korean give no excuse for laziness traditionally.
      So…Koreans are generous yet need to learn the way Canadians do donate here with all kinds of charity org. And I was also very impressed by charity org. on ways of events for donations. This way Korean could generously donate more in constant base and actively help people who needs it.

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