Don’t Drink the Water…

Yes, One of the largest tap-water warnings in B.C. History been partly lifted in the Lower Mainland.  The boil-water advisory that went into effect on November 16, still applies to Vancouver,Burnaby and North Shore communities.  Residents in these areas are advised to continue using bottled water or water that has been boiled for at least a minute for drinking, brushing their teeth and cleaning fruit and vegetables.  According to the Great Vancouver Regional District (GVRD), The turbidity levels for all other areas are at acceptable levels, because they are being served by the Coquitlam water source.   Newspaper says it’s not uncommon for water in the area to gain some colour after a storm.


A glass of filtered water right, looks clear and clean next to a glass of turbid tap water in
North Vancouver Friday November 17, 2006. (CP / Chuck Stoody)

The storm, or the water advisory, also affected people, especially adulthoods, directly.  T
housand of thousands of people got panic that they had to work without morning .   I also had to spend toonies more  for double espresso shot   before I got side effects. I am sure Coffee chains got big hit from the boil-water advisory.

Vancouver Sun listed 5 things
we need to know about current situation.

1. Should I drink tap water today?No. Health officials have advised that we avoid ingesting tap water unless it is boiled for one minute. Bottled or boiled water should also be used for brushing teeth and washing food. It’s a matter of choice for most residents, but health care facilities, daycares and schools must do it. Health authorities will withdraw the boil-water advisory if turbidity levels fall far enough.

2. What dangers does tap water present?Turbid water can be a source of E. coli bacteria, viruses and parasites.

3. Has anybody come down with an illness in the current situation?No. Extensive bacterial testing is continuing and has not shown evidence of elevated levels of fecal bacteria and no associated illnesses have been reported. However, symptoms may take 24 to 48 hours to show. People with weakened immune systems, children and seniors are most at risk.

4. Is filtered water safe to drink?Yes, if the filter is manufactured to screen out microbes and parasites, and if the filter is well maintained and used correctly.

5. How long will the situation last?Officials are not certain. Another major storm due Sunday may send more landslides into reservoirs. In the meantime, stick with boiled and bottled water. The
North Shore and northwestern parts of Vancouver and
Burnaby are worst affected.

Paper also warns that another storm is expected on Sunday. 


I just hope, I could have my every-work-day-morning Tall Dark.


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