Do you need a HUG?

Then go to Myeongdong, downtown Seoul.

Free Hugs? Is this for real? The Chosun-ilbo Article describes that the “Free Hugs”campaign originally launched in Australia by Juan Mann in 2004. The campaign aims at Cheering up strangers with a hug on the street.

It wouldn’t be so practical(?) campaign with Korean culture, but who knows it might be widely spread campaign among young generations as “Fun thing” as like “Flash Mob” which been played for a while among young Korean.

For sure, the girls have much better chance to get hugs than this young man.


5 Responses to “Do you need a HUG?”

  1. bonnieconquest Says:

    I think he has a good chance…. He’s so cute!

  2. Music from my Seoul Says:

    Didn’t know Koreans are into flash mobs!! That is so cool! And you are right, it would pick up quite quickly here since Koreans do have quite intense social cohesion.

  3. Music From My Seoul Says:

    Hey I saw that guy in Insadong last week-end!! People were actually going for the whole hug thing 🙂

  4. JiMong Says:


    Oh Really?
    He is really into it…huh?
    So did you get the hug from him? 😉

  5. Do you need a KISS? « I Dream Therefore I Am Says:

    […] the “Free Hugs”  campaign good […]

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