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A380 Landed in YVR

November 30, 2006

World’s BIGGEST passenger plane A380 landed in Vancouver on maiden Voyage. The aircraft is currently on a test-flight tour visiting key airports in the globe to see if airport facilities and equipment can accommodate the Double-Decker plane.

The world’s largest commercial airliner, the 555-seat Airbus A380, made its only North American stop in Vancouver yesterday on a ’round-the-world tour, touching down at YVR just before sunrise. Continue to read?

One day, I will be on this supersized one.


Snow Snow Snow 2

November 30, 2006

It wasn’t enough. Another Snowstorm has hit Greater Vancouver this afternoon. It is predicted up to 15 centimetres of snow then growing into a larger storm later in the evening.  It’s got the makings of a snowy week.  Followings are some of scene that I stole from Vancouver Sun and from other site.  

Hope, I could make it to my cubicle tomorrow morning thru slippery roads.

(Update) Driving conditions weren’t bad at all coming to the work this morning.  Snow removal crews across Greater Vancouver did good job in the battle to keep traffic moving throughout stormy nite on most of main roads. Environment Canada’s McIntyre said Vancouver has also already set a snow record for the amount of accumulation in any November, but said the 31 centimetres that had fallen as of Wednesday afternoon comes nowhere close to the record 121.9 centimetres — 47 inches — that fell in January 1971.  Without question, I miss mass public transportation in Metropolitan Seoul under these weather conditions

e-waste !

November 28, 2006

E-waste, Electronical-Waste….hmmm. It’s not even on Urban Dictionary yet! According to Wikipedia,  E-waste includes PC,  Notebooks, X-box, PS2, GameCube, mobile phones and other items that have been discarded by their original users. (Just imaging how many upgrade version of these products recently introduced to the market; New PC, Notebooks, X-box 360, PS3, Nitendo Wii, and New LG Chocolate phone…etc.) So it is waste from discarded electronic goods and improper disposal of e-waste could produce dangerous chemicals and heavy metals into the environment.  BBC news online points out how serious this problem is that E-waste is thought to be the fastest increasing part of municipal waste in the developed world. 

Just for the a PC desktop, I thought it is just recycled in a good way under the form of trade which also helps people from third country to have a chance to use PC until this point. Shame! Shame on me! 

Following is the post that got my attention on this issue and the whole article could be found on here.

pc poison by

1: Lead in cathode ray tube and solder

2: Arsenic in older cathode ray tubes

5: Antimony trioxide as flame retardant

4: Polybrominated flame retardants in plastic casings, cables and circuit boards

3: Selenium in circuit boards as power supply rectifier

6: Cadmium in circuit boards and semiconductors

7: Chromium in steel as corrosion protection

8: Cobalt in steel for structure and magnetivity

9: Mercury in switches and housing

I’ve been wondering about what happens to those old computers, phones and other electronic junks. They must be hard to dispose…There is an article about ewaste at bbc news online,

 UN warning on e-waste ‘mountain‘” headlined, “The world’s richest nations are dumping hazardous electronic waste on poor African countries, says the head of the UN’s Environment Programme (Unep).”

Read the rest of post.

Must See..

November 27, 2006

Is your feeling downed? Then you MUST SEE this movie “Happy Feet”.  It was a really hilarious movie and made me happy.

This Spanish version of “My Way”, sing by Robin Williams is pretty awesome and I think I should practice and hope I could pick this for upcoming Noraebang (Karaoke) sessions.

Snow Snow Snow

November 27, 2006

First it was rain.

Now, it’s snow that’s causing havoc on Canada’s usually wet coast.

Two weeks ago, torrential rains triggered boil-water advisories for more than one million people. For 900,000 of them, that warning remains in place.  

On Saturday, wet snow began to fall on the Greater Vancouver region, Snow is forecast through Wednesday with the possibility of sun on Tuesday.

* A shot by my house this afternoon.

And Click here for full weather forecast in Great Vancouver, BC  Area.

Would this song give better feeling for anyone stuck on the road?