Vancouver International Film Festival


The 25Th annual Vancouver International Film Festival(VIFF) is started from September 28 and will be held till October 13, 2006. For this year, More than 150,000 people are expected to attend 550 screenings of over 300 films from more than 50 countries. The VIFF began in 1982.

According to VIFF Homepage;

The broad spectrum of fiction and nonfiction films from around the world is
divided into the following sections:
• Cinema of Our Time – featuring the best new cinema from around the world.
Last year’s program features 70 films from 37 countries, 8 of which were North
American or International Premieres.
• Canadian Images— one of the biggest showcases of Canadian film in the world. At VIFF 2005 th, there were 106 Canadian films, including 33 features, nine mid-lengths and 64 shorts.
• Dragons and Tigers: The Cinemas of East Asia—the largest annual exhibition of East Asian films outside Asia; 95 films were in the program last year, including one world premiere, 21 international premieres, 18 North American premieres, 11 Canadian premieres, and two English-Canadian premieres.
• Nonfiction Features – Vancouver film fest-goers love documentary films – this series is perennially one of our most popular.
• Spotlight on France — This annual sidebar celebrates the unique achievements of France’s strong national cinema.

ViFF invited 20 some Korean short, mid-length films, animation and 5 featured films including;

the King & the Clown,


The Host,


My Scary Girl, No Mercy for the Rude, and Woman On the Beach.

I had viewed “No Mercy for the Rude” the debut film by Park Chul-Hee (former assistant to Jang Sun-Woo).


He has imagined a perfect outsider: an orphaned hitman (with a speech impediment that stops him speaking) who dreams of becoming a matador and agrees to kill only the bad-mannered. Shin Ha-kyun (JSA, Dong Mak Gol); expressed this main character very well. The movie had thrills, laughs and messages.


One Response to “Vancouver International Film Festival”

  1. Music from my Seoul Says:

    First Korean movie I ever saw in Korea is The King and the Clown!!! Have you seen it? It is brilliant!! Koreans are awesome!

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