Another News from Montreal

It actually happened three days before the tragedy in Montreal.

It’s about the emergency landing in a downtown Montreal street. A Cessna was spotted flying close to the ground as it crossed over the east side of Mount Royal, where hundreds of Montrealers traditionally gather on Sundays to play Tam-Tams or simply lounge on the grass.

The plane then lined up with Parc Avenue, one of the city’s major north-south arteries, and promptly touched down in front of scores of baffled onlookers.

A 49-year-old pilot and his two passengers, including his 10-year-old son, were not injured, nor was anybody on the ground. The plane made the emergency landing on a relatively clear street and rolled for 400m before stopping.

Only one of its wings hit a street pole, Montreal police said.

Read all about this emergency landing from here and here.

Sammy Berenholc, 10, who was a passenger in the single-prop Cessna that made an emergency landing on Park Ave. Yesterday, waits for investigations to be completed.
Photograph by : Montreal Gazette/Dave sideway

Pretty Surreal News, eh!

Also there’s a video news clip.


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