Where am I?

It’s been a while I came back from crowded-humid street of Seoul. It took two weeks to fight(?) over 500 some emails from three weeks long vacation. And My biological clock just adjusted to normal peacefully-quite and clean city life of Vancouver again. I also started to hate those personnel who sent more than one email with same subject regardless of my “out of office” message. They simply didn’t care. Damn.

So, Where am I?

I was so shocked when I read a news about “A tragedy at Dawson College in Montreal”. This brain-less cold-blooded killer, Kimveer Gill, shot himself after killing a college girl and injuring at least 19 people on Wednesday.

Read all about this tragedy.

Montreal in mourning, Quebec flags lowered, and the Nation is wondering WHY?
 lowered, and the Nation is wondering WHY?

Where am I?

Am I in the U.S.A? It scares me that the Canada becoming more like it’s neighborhood.

I pray for the victims and their loved families. Especially for

Anastasia DeSousa, 18, who killed by this cowardly and senseless psycho

And now “YouTube.com” has footages.

Inside Dawson College September 13th 2006

Pictures ripped from here  and video footages from youtube.com


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