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Buga Kingz – Tic Tac Toe

September 29, 2006


Yup, I hear you.

September 27, 2006

Waytt over at the “Kimchi & Me” experienced the Canadian way of customer service in Public sector.

It’s a bit sluggish, if you want to get some process done in public sector in Canada especially when you are familiar with Korea’s socio-syndrome of ppali-ppali .

Lee Ssang – 광대 Clown & Rush

September 22, 2006

Why you’ll never see another coup in Korea?

September 21, 2006

Seems like everyday life has been continuing despite the COUP and even tourists are enjoying this surreal life-time events in Thailand.


How about in Korea? Is there going to be a coup?


At the Marmot’s hole grabbed pretty good explanation. (HT to the MH)

It cracks me up!!

Even Young Korean soldiers won’t follow the direct order from the line of command as they are too busy to update personal Cyworld in the base.

Another News from Montreal

September 19, 2006

It actually happened three days before the tragedy in Montreal.

It’s about the emergency landing in a downtown Montreal street. A Cessna was spotted flying close to the ground as it crossed over the east side of Mount Royal, where hundreds of Montrealers traditionally gather on Sundays to play Tam-Tams or simply lounge on the grass.

The plane then lined up with Parc Avenue, one of the city’s major north-south arteries, and promptly touched down in front of scores of baffled onlookers.

A 49-year-old pilot and his two passengers, including his 10-year-old son, were not injured, nor was anybody on the ground. The plane made the emergency landing on a relatively clear street and rolled for 400m before stopping.

Only one of its wings hit a street pole, Montreal police said.

Read all about this emergency landing from here and here.

Sammy Berenholc, 10, who was a passenger in the single-prop Cessna that made an emergency landing on Park Ave. Yesterday, waits for investigations to be completed.
Photograph by : Montreal Gazette/Dave sideway

Pretty Surreal News, eh!

Also there’s a video news clip.