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from crisscross.jp

” One of the girls in my class wears her skirts provocatively
short. I spoke to her mother, hinting she might want to do something about this. The mother said,
‘Don’t you teachers like to look at girls in short skirts?’

A senior high-school teacher in Aichi Prefecture, answering a Shukan Bunshun poll of 1,000 teachers across the country, asking them to describe the worst parents they have dealt with.

And comments on this quote started with…

bad cultural influence
rjd 0 Goals 0 Favorites (Jul 18 2006 – 04:21) Rate Post

These house wives are spending way too much time watching t.v. and browsing the een-tahh-neh-to. Some of these families need to open their eyes and realize the negative influence of the immoral western culture is having on Japanese culture, LOL.

Other side goes this way…
katsuramen 1 Goals 0 Favorites (Jul 18 2006 – 08:13) Rate Post

Get it out of your head. It’s not western culture that causes this. I am so sick of seeing this statement made. As if Japan is lilly white innocent. Girls in Japan have been wearing short skirts since babyhood. Japan has it’s own culture of clothes worn to fancy men. Has nothing to do with western culture. Stop blaming the west for everything.

And A Japanese view goes like…
Nuts Kashii

kimigano 0 Goals 8 Favorites (Jul 18 2006 – 09:51) Rate Post
As a Japanese person, I can tell you it’s Western influence that causes these problems. It bashes Japan (and is essentially racist) to claim that Japan caused these things herself.

And An American has a view like…

smichael888 0 Goals 0 Favorites (Jul 18 2006 – 11:00)Rate Post
Sorry but that simply isn’t true.As Nuts Kashii says read up on Japanese pornography. You’ll get a surprise.Study the behavior of the Samurai compare the pattern of modern advertising magazines and manga. They are very much a part of Japanese culture and do not compare directly with Westernculture at all. The constant emphasis is on youth innocence and kawaii.Other cultures admire youth-example US cheer leaders- but not in quite the same way as Japan.Add to this the fact that many Japanese look much younger than they really are and it is easy to present a fully mature adult in a very youthful way.This done all the time to satisfy Japanese cutural norms schoolgirls follow this culture and to some extent help to form it.The development of this form of presentation to refined levels and in the mainstream of Japanese culture is unique and a product of Japanese history and thinking.A lot of questions would be asked in the West if the 711s carried pictures that look like pubescent teens in provocative styled school clothing on the front of a magazine. The fact these woman are older than they look does not detract from the fantasy being sold and points to what many Japanese men enjoy viewing and think about.

Want to read the rest comments on this quote.

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