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A Poll : Preemptive Strike On North Korea

July 17, 2006

This was interesting poll conducted by Cisscross Japan. The site conducted a poll from viewers on “NK missile crisis”.

A Poll asked “Do you support a preemptive U.S. military strike against North Korea?”. The result was as follow but my question still arose, why it asked “U.S military strike” instead of “Japan Military strike”…

Do you support a preemptive U.S. military strike against North Korea?
This poll began on July 8, 2006
“No” – > 619 votes (60.9%)
“Yes” -> 397 votes (39.1%)
Total: 1016 votes
Crisscross Discussion


I would like give my credits to this viewer saying;


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(Jul 11 2006 – 19:18) Rate Post
It seems Japan is the one who wants to do Preemptive strike, not the US. The US seems content with cutting off N Korea`s allowance(sanctions,etc) while Japan is trying to figure out how to attack NK without violating the anti military action law from WW2. Who better to do that
then coercing a foreign military who already have a gripe with the offending country. So now, they turn to the people they protest and complain about every chance they get.
Shrewd businessmen as always.