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July 14, 2006

North Korea demanded more and more, as usual, during this inter-Korean ministerial meeting in Busan. According to Chosun ilbo,

North Korea’s Senior Cabinet Counselor Kwon Ho-ung in his keynote speech hailed the impoverished country’s “Songun” or military-first ideology, which he claimed was helping the South protect its security and benefited “a vast majority” of South Koreans….

…To depend his position…, Unification Minister Lee Jong-seok gave short shrift to Kwon¡¯s claims for the Songun policy. “Has anyone in the South asked the North to protect our safety?” he demanded. “North Korea can help us protect our security when it stops launching missiles and dismantles its nuclear program”.

And North Korean just left the table, as usual.

My first reaction was just WTF, instantly, when I read this article….Where is our own strength over North Korea? I really want claim back my vote that I made over Uri. Dang and Roh, hoping for a wind of change in Korea. The wind blew back to Korea as a dust wind worst than “yellow dust” from China. Damn..

Cartoon ripped from here and each box translate as follow

1) Busan South-North Film Festival
2) Lee Jong-suk the friendly.
3) The South is safe thanks to “Good Military Politics” (says the North)
4) So, take care of your own business! (the North)