I love Sushi, in fact who wouldn’t fall in love with the taste of Sushi? I was told by a Japanese friend that it may take several years to enjoy the true taste of sushi and appreciation of taste is also taken very seriously in Japan. And also it would be a life time adventures to quests all different kinds of sushi in different regions of Japan. I was lucky to learn the basic mechanics of eating sushi in easy way while I stayed in Japan.

So do not intimidate. These are the basic of basics.

First of all, Sushi is categorized by how it is prepared. And basically there is two type of Sushi.

Maki sushi: rolls of raw fish or vegetable and rice wrapped in seaweed and cut into bite-sized rounds.

Nigiri sushi: sliced raw fish (or cooked shrimp, crab, or egg) that is pressed over a pad of rice.

The sushi will be served garnished with slices of pickled ginger and wasabi, a spicy, green condiment and pickled ginger.

The ginger is intended to refresh the palate to better appreciate the delicate flavors of the fresh, raw fish.
1. Pour a small amount of soy sauce in the small dish that should be provided.
2. Mix in a small amount of wasabi in the soy sauce, if you wish. Some Japanese would consider this bad form as some sushi already has wasabi in it between the fish and the rice. Outside of Japan, however, this is a common practice, I think.
3. Hold sushi with either chopsticks or your fingers.
4. Dip sushi into the soy sauce.
5. Nigiri sushi should be dipped into the soy sauce fish side down.
6. Maki sushi should be dipped seaweed side down. This keeps the rice from getting too wet and falling apart. Depending on the size of the piece it can be eaten one to three bites.That’s all about Sushi that I know from my little knowledge.

Japundit also has posted very good and detailed pieces for starters on Noriko Takiguchi’s How to eat Sushi properly and Sushi do, sushi don’t . As always Wikipedia has detailed infor. of A to Z about Sushi.

Sushi Anyone?


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